After illness attacked those around me, I saw the changes the body can endure. Big strong curves fade revealing sinew and bone.

The body is an active space. A duality of external and internal. The facade continuously groomed and maintained whilst the inside -often neglected - is shroud in secrecy. After

a battle with personal health, punctuated by visits to waiting rooms and vomiting extravaganzas. Clutching the toilet bowl made me acutely aware of the necessity for health to live relatively normally. I explore the functions of the body, physical and mental. Food and domestic animals act as sources of comfort for the human psyche. These motifs are abundant in my practice to explore health, suffering and helplessness.


I do not approach subject matter delicately. Bold colours and kitsch camp aesthetics dominate creating absurd scenarios and altered realities. The strange epoch of watching others suffer whilst helpless. The mystery of the internal body. Only revealing its secrets when it leaks, expels or stinks.

Deep Breath! We’re going in!